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Congratulations on your search for a new family member,
Its very satisfying to be owned by a French Bulldog!


It isn’t hard to find a French Bulldog, but it is hard to find a conformationally correct, healthy, well raised Frenchie. You should have confidence in who you get your new family member from.

Whenever possible go meet the puppy, the parents, the breeder, and see how they are being raised and being taken care of. You may want to elude to this and evaluate the breeders reaction even if you cant go.


There are a lot of expenses in producing a healthy French bulldog puppy. If you see inexpensive Frenchies there may be a reason for it, mass production is often one of reasons. A poor beginning with improper nutrition & care most certainly will cause health problems in the future.

My husband and I have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into selecting our Stud dogs and our Females. We put everything towards our puppies to ensure their health and keep them disease free. They are socialized from day one and raised in our home kept very clean, warm, happy and healthy.

Upholding breed standard while producing quality healthy puppies is what we are all about. Our dogs are family, sharing our love, life and enjoyment 24/7. Our puppies are not cheap. We provide a correct beginning with proper care, and healthy parents so you avoid costly Veterinary expenses in the future. Every puppy comes with a Written Health Guarantee. I pour everything into making sure our puppies are well taken care of, loved and handled throughout the day, everyday.



We stay in contact with all of our previous puppies families, its very rewarding. These little guys are adored by us and only want families that will do the same.

Please no Scams, or puppy mills, we only want to place our puppies with families who will enjoy and love them like they deserve!


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