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Congratulations Zach & Mandy~ It was so great to meet you both and know you will enjoy "Elvis" as much as we did.  We look forward to hearing updates and seeing pictures in the future :)

Pierre/elvisapril4.jpg Pierre/elvisapril3.jpg Pierre/elvisapril.jpg Pierre/ElvisApril2.jpg
Pierre/elvis6.jpg Pierre/elvis5.jpg Pierre/elvis4.jpg Pierre/elvis3.jpg
Pierre/elvis2.jpg Pierre/elvis.jpg Pierre/Elvisnfam.jpg Pierre/Elvis7wk2.jpg
Pierre/Elvis7wk.jpg Pierre/pierre4wkD2.jpg Pierre/pierre4wkD.jpg Pierre/pierre4wk3.jpg
Pierre/pierre4wk2.jpg Pierre/Pierre4wk.jpg Pierre/Pierre2wk3.jpg Pierre/Pierre2wk2.jpg

Happy Friday, Mary Jo!
I have meant to send you some updated pictures for weeks now but of course as you know having a puppy is a full time job. :) We ABSOLUTELY love Elvis and could not be happier with him. He is spoiled rotten. His newest trick is he has figured out if he gets a running start he can jump up on the couch all by himself. After he does this he sits on your lap but won't look at you because he knows he isn't supposed to do it. It's quite funny. He also has gotten very brindle in his coloring. So cute! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine (lounging in the sun is Elvis's favorite past time)!