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Olivia/Chevy2.jpg Olivia/Chevy.jpg Olivia/olivem14wk.jpg Olivia/oliviaporch14.jpg
Olivia/olivia14prof.jpg Olivia/oliporchpro14.jpg Olivia/oliviarock11.jpg Olivia/oliviaporch112.jpg
Olivia/oliviacouch11.jpg Olivia/oliviacorncob.jpg Olivia/oliviaup.jpg Olivia/olemplay.jpg
Olivia/Oliviaprofile.jpg Olivia/olivia29.jpg Olivia/oliveemilyprof9.jpg Olivia/emolychase.jpg
Olivia/chevypups9.jpg Olivia/buddies.jpg

"Olivia" is not a puppy we raised but we got from a friends of ours that we helped rehome. She now live with her new Daddy Shawn in Boise Idaho.  We look forward to hearing updates on how she is doing.


Thanks for looking Smile