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Marcel  now "Enzo" lives with Nena and her family in Idaho.  I cant wait to visit Enzo and thank you so much for the pictures.  He is growning up so fast~!  So glad you were patient and waited so long for your little man...Laughing

Marcel/enzo5.jpg Marcel/enzo4.jpg Marcel/enzo3.jpg Marcel/enzo2.jpg
Marcel/EnzoSitting.jpg Marcel/enzonfam.jpg Marcel/Enzo.jpg Marcel/marcel7wk2.JPG
Marcel/marcel7wk.JPG Marcel/Marcel7wk3.JPG Marcel/marcel5wk2.JPG Marcel/marcel3.jpg
Marcel/mojomarcel11.jpg Marcel/Marcel11days3.jpg Marcel/Marcel11days2.jpg Marcel/Marcel11days.jpg
Marcel/Marcel2.jpg Marcel/Marcel1.jpg

Hey Mary Jo,
Words can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with Enzo! As you know I had wanted a Frenchie for SO long and Enzo has made all the waiting worth while, his personality really lives up to the "clown" characteristics I read about, he is an absolute crack-up! All of my family and friends thought I was crazy paying that much money for a dog, but after being around him there isn't one of them that doesn't fall to pieces and start talking baby talk to him - I basically have to pry him out their hands to get him away from them! He is also a Ham when it comes to pictures, I don't even have to pose him, all I do is have him sit and start taking some pictures - his good looks do the rest. Thank you for making the buying experience a pleasant one, I had read about all the horrible things that can happen when buying a puppy, so going to visit your house and seeing the way you raise them was a huge relief! Thanks again and stay tuned for more pictures to come!