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Hey Mary Jo,

I haven't updated you in a few days. She is a mess!!! Into everything, lost a pair of shoes today. She is always sleeping on my feet while I work. I always get help loading and unloading the dishwasher. Still lovin the ice. Her head is resting on my foot as I am writing this email. I love her so. She and the Schipperke are becoming big buddies. I have stuck with Deucy for a name; it suits her. The little black schipperke was initially named Bailey but we all called her Demon, so we have decided to just call her Demi for short. So now it's Deucy and Demi. What a combination, but they don't seem to mind. It's just big fun playing all day. Although they do have a routine, Up by 6am to have breakfast and out to the bathroom and playing on the back porch, moving inside after a while. Then by 11 its nap time til about 12:30 or 1 and...repeat. They usually are yawning by 9pm. You were right about 2 being almost easier than 1.

Life is good.....


Deucy now lives in Alabama with Kristi and her family. Thank you so much for giving this little girl a wonderful loving home Kristi. We look forward to future updates and pictures Smile

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Hello First Mommy,

My Alabama mommy is taking really good care of me but you definately need to let her know that Ida Frenchies can have all the food they want!! But what I really wanted to tell you about were the new spring time fun going on down here. I GOT A SWIMMING POOL! Mom only puts 3 inches of water in it but it's so cool! I sent you a picture. Aren't I cute, but I could use a 'kini for swimming. I asked for a Pink one. And I got to go to Pets Mart today and pick out some new toys. TOO MANY to pick from and I could only have 2. I was a good girl. I didn't poop or peepee in the store but I did notice that some of the less sophisticated breeds DID!

Well I hope you enjoy my letter and I do still love you very much but my Alabama mom says I am her special angel so I better stay down here. I wouldn't want her to cry or anything. How's Mom and Dad? Do I have any new brothers or sisters?

Love and kisses,

Deucy Bell!

ps. Mommy says hi