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Lilly now "Shaka" wasnt a puppy we raised but a puppy from a friend of ours we helped rehome.  Congratulations to Delia & Jeff.  We are so happy she found such a wonderful home with such a nice couple.

Jeff and I are so blessed and thankful to have our little Shaka Frechie in our family! She has brought us so much joy and comedy to our lives. She always brings on a smile. She has the sweetest temperment and the most expressive face.  Her stubborn personality is quickly forgiven from once glance at those adorable eyes and pouty lips! We are so grateful to Mary Jo for allowing us to steal her away from her already happy home. Mary Jo was an absolute delight to work with, extremely professional and thorough. All the medical papers and breeding documents were in perfect order, and the one year health contract made us feel very secure in our new puppy purchase. We couldn't have had a better doggie buying experience or been gifted a more perfect companion!