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I am super happy with Mary Jo, Jamie, and their beloved frenchies. They were so pleasant to work with and were easy to talk to. They answered all our questions, had all of the puppy's paperwork filled out and ready for us, and allowed us to spend as much time with the puppies as needed to help us with our decision. As our puppy gets older I am impressed with how beautifully she is looking and haven't experienced a single health concern. We love our frenchie very much and would recommend IdaFrenchie to anyone! If anyone would like to speak to us we are more than happy to share our experience and answer any questions.

Congratulations to Tara, Dustin, and Hank!!  We are so excited Coco went to such a nice couple who has a Frenchie ready and willing to play!  We love the video you sent and look forward to many updates and pictures.  Thank you both so much, it was really nice meeting you.

Coco/Nalayard.jpg Coco/Nalaprofile.jpg Coco/Nalafront.jpg Coco/nalacarseat.jpg
Coco/Nalasx.jpg Coco/Nala.jpg Coco/DSCF0703.JPG Coco/DSCF0702.JPG
Coco/DSCF0700.JPG Coco/coco12wk3.jpg Coco/Coco12wk4.jpg Coco/Coco12wk2.jpg
Coco/Coco12wk.jpg Coco/coco12wk5.jpg Coco/Coco12wkstretch.jpg Coco/coco9wk3.jpg
Coco/Coco9wkyawn.jpg Coco/Coco9wks.jpg Coco/Coco9wk2.jpg Coco/cocosantaprofile.jpg
Coco/cocosanta2.jpg Coco/cocosanta.jpg Coco/coco8wk3.jpg Coco/coco8wk2.jpg
Coco/Coco8wk.jpg Coco/cocosweater3.jpg Coco/cocosweater2.jpg Coco/cocosweater.jpg
Coco/coco1.jpg Coco/coco5wk3.jpg Coco/coco5wk2.jpg Coco/coco5wk1.jpg
Coco/coco4wk4.jpg Coco/coco4wk2.jpg Coco/Coco4wks1.jpg Coco/Coco4wk5.jpg
Coco/Coco4wk3.jpg Coco/coco3wk.jpg Coco/coco3wk2.jpg Coco/coco3wk1.jpg
Coco/coco13day3.jpg Coco/coco13day2.jpg Coco/coco13day.jpg