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Congratulations to Alissa & Chad.  Thank you so much for giving Semi the home she deserves.  We enjoyed meeting you both so very much and am so happy you were able to come here to meet us and pick Semi up.  You know how much she means to me and you made it much easier for me to say goodbye.  I look forward to hearing from you in the future with updates, thank you so much for being so thoughtful.

Semi/seminew3.jpg Semi/seminew2.jpg Semi/seminew.jpg Semi/Seminewfam.jpg
Semi/Semi4mo7.JPG Semi/Semi4mo6.JPG Semi/Semi4mo5.JPG Semi/Semi4mo4.JPG
Semi/Semi4mo3.JPG Semi/Semi4mo2.JPG Semi/Semi4mo.JPG Semi/semi162.jpg
Semi/semilexi16.jpg Semi/semi16pointer.jpg Semi/semi165.jpg Semi/semi164.jpg
Semi/Semi166.jpg Semi/Semi163.jpg Semi/Semi16.jpg Semi/Semi156.jpg
Semi/Semi155.jpg Semi/Semi154.jpg Semi/Semi153.jpg Semi/Semi152.jpg
Semi/Semi15.jpg Semi/Semiporch.jpg Semi/Semi14wk.jpg Semi/Lexisemi14wk.jpg
Semi/semi13wk.jpg Semi/semi12wks3.jpg Semi/semi12wk4.jpg Semi/semi12wk2.jpg
Semi/Semi12wk5.jpg Semi/Semi12wk.jpg Semi/Semi9wks3.jpg Semi/Semi9wks2.jpg
Semi/Semi9wk.jpg Semi/semisanta3.jpg Semi/semisanta2.jpg Semi/semisanta.jpg
Semi/semi8wkleft.jpg Semi/semi8wk2.jpg Semi/semi8wk.jpg Semi/semisweater2.jpg
Semi/semisweater.jpg Semi/semi5wk5.jpg Semi/semi5wk3.jpg Semi/Semi5wk4.jpg
Semi/Semi5wk2.jpg Semi/Semi5wk1.jpg Semi/Semi4wk6.jpg Semi/Semi4wk5.jpg
Semi/Semi4wk4.jpg Semi/Semi4wk3.jpg Semi/Semi4wk2.jpg Semi/Semi4wk1.jpg
Semi/semi3wk.jpg Semi/semi3wk3.jpg Semi/semi3wk2.jpg Semi/semi13day3.jpg
Semi/semi13day2.jpg Semi/semi13day1.jpg